IN/FLUX was installed and open to the public during Beakerhead 2015 in Calgary, Alberta. Conceived of as a moveable wall made of blocks of mushroom material developed by Ecovative, the installation encouraged much interaction and thought-provoking discussion amongst visitors.  The piece was compelling to touch and move, and appealed to all ages.  Children were delighted by the maze-like environment created by the folding wall, and adults found the material and the tectonic of the piece very intriguing.

Tectonically, IN/FLUX was built and behaved much more as a semi-rigid fabric rather than a conventional block construction.  As such, the spatial configuration and form of the piece was found during the construction and assembly process. As pieces of the installation were stitched together, the wall membrane had to be pushed, pulled, and curved to find configurations that were self-supporting. The construction process became a conversation between the builders and the wall itself, each influencing the other’s desires and subsequent reactions. IN/FLUX was intentionally soft and malleable, and throughout its life pleated and slumped to find its own structurally stable equilibria as visitors interacted with it, developing into an ongoing physical discussion between people and their environment. The fabric-like nature of the wall became especially evident at night, when lighting highlighted the subtleties of the bending and folding occurring in the piece.

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